UK Banned on Disposable Vapes: What you Need to Know

UK Banned on Disposable Vapes: What you Need to Know

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, has made an announcement today regarding the future of disposable vapes in England, Scotland, and Wales. It is reported that plans are still being considered in Northern Ireland. This decision comes after a period of consultation at the end of 2023 to gather public opinion on smoking and vaping. According to reports, 70% of respondents expressed support for banning disposable vapes.

Although the U.K. already has strict regulations in place for the strength and capacity of disposable vapes (20mg/ml and 2ml capacity), there has been growing concern over the increasing number of children using them. Research suggests that the use of vapes by children has tripled in the past three years, with around 69% of 11-17-year-olds opting for disposables.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated:

"One of the most concerning trends at present is the rise in vaping among children, and it is imperative that we take action before it becomes widespread. The long-term effects of vaping are unknown, and the nicotine they contain can be highly addictive. While vaping can be beneficial for smokers trying to quit, marketing these products to children is unacceptable."

In addition to the ban on the sale of disposable vapes, new measures will be introduced to limit the availability of flavors for refillable vapes, enforce plain packaging for vape liquids and devices, and prohibit stores from displaying vapes in a way that may appeal to children.

While many health professionals and anti-smoking groups have welcomed this announcement, not everyone agrees that banning disposable vapes is the best approach. The UK Vaping Industry Association expressed disappointment with the decision, stating that disposable vapes have played a crucial role in reducing smoking rates and helping millions of adults quit cigarettes.

There are also concerns beyond the vaping industry. A recent study from University College London suggests that the new legislation could have negative consequences for the millions of adults who have successfully used disposable vapes to quit smoking tobacco.

The exact date when the ban will take effect has yet to be announced, but it is expected to be towards the end of 2024. This will allow time for the proposed legislation to be voted on in Parliament, followed by a grace period of approximately six months for vape businesses to clear existing stock and adapt to the new laws.

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