Introducing the Keystone Jewel: A Vaping Gem

Introducing the Keystone Jewel: A Vaping Gem

Overview The Keystone Jewel is an innovative and stylish device that offers a unique vaping experience. In this review, we will explore its design, features, flavors, and performance. With a promise of delivering 10,000 puffs, let's dive into the details.

keystone 10000 puff

What's in the Box Keystone Jewel Vape User Manual

Design The Keystone Jewel, true to its name, boasts a generous 16-milliliter e-liquid capacity and a robust 650mAh battery. This combination ensures extended usage time, making it a cost-effective option for vapers. The device's compact dimensions of 48×24.7×85.1mm make it portable and easy to handle. Despite its small size, the Jewel is packed with impressive features that guarantee a satisfying and seamless vaping experience.

Keystone Jewel: A Closer Look

The Keystone Jewel's design goes beyond functionality and offers an eye-catching aesthetic appeal. Encased in a glass-like shell with textured accents, this vape exudes sophistication. Underneath the shell lies an exquisite pattern, turning the Jewel into a luxurious accessory that adds a touch of style to your vaping routine.


Overall, the Keystone Jewel is a game-changer in the vaping industry. It combines great value for money with exceptional performance and visual allure. Its array of features, including the mesh coil design, adjustable airflow, and a wide range of flavors, cater to the needs and preferences of every vaper. Prepare to reimagine your vaping experience with the Jewel.


The Keystone Jewel delivers a smooth and flavorful vaping experience that is second to none. With a variety of fourteen different flavors, ranging from fruity to sweet, there is something for everyone. Additionally, the device comes in ten different colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style.


Featuring an innovative mesh coil design with a resistance of 1.0 Ohms, the Keystone Jewel ensures even heat distribution for optimal vapor production. This design guarantees that the e-liquid is vaporized evenly, resulting in a rich and smooth flavor output.


One of the standout features of the Jewel is its adjustable airflow system, which allows you to customize your vaping experience according to your preferences. Whether you prefer mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping, the Jewel accommodates both styles. Simply adjust the airflow to your liking and enjoy a tailored vaping experience.


  • High-quality construction
  • Generous number of puffs
  • Screen display for easy monitoring


  • Limited e-liquid capacity


In conclusion, the Keystone Jewel offers a delightful vaping experience with its impressive performance and sleek design. If you're in search of a reliable and visually appealing vape, the Keystone Jewel is worth considering. Don't miss out on this beautiful gem of a device—get yours from Keystonevape officials today.

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