Introducing the DOTECO TIK10: A Compact and Versatile 510 Battery

Introducing the DOTECO TIK10: A Compact and Versatile 510 Battery

Overview The TIK10 is an incredibly small 510 thread battery, measuring only 51mm in height and 20mm in depth and width. It's one of the tiniest batteries I've come across, earning it the title of "cute." Despite its small size, the TIK10 feels solid and well-made, with a lightweight design that doesn't compromise on quality.

Design From a top-down view, the TIK10 takes on a triangular shape with rounded sides and edges. Surprisingly, this compact device is comfortable to hold and doesn't require any awkward hand positioning. The soft-touch paint adds a touch of elegance to the body, which has remained intact even after prolonged use.

At the top of the TIK10, you'll find a lanyard anchor spot and a braided lanyard included in the package. While the lanyard may not fit around your neck, it can be easily attached to your wrist or bag to ensure you don't misplace the device due to its small size.

Features The TIK10 features a spring-loaded 510 thread connection, with the plate slightly raised above the device to create airflow holes when attaching a cartridge. This design is essential for proper cartridge functionality.

On the front of the TIK10, you'll find a single fire button and four LEDs indicating the voltage level. The soft-touch coating on the fire button provides a satisfying click when pressed. The lack of draw activation means you have to use the button to vape, but its solid construction ensures a reliable vaping experience. However, on some units, the button may rotate slightly, which is more of a visual inconvenience than a functional issue.

Performance During testing, I used the TIK10 with both CBD and THC vape cartridges and was impressed with the overall performance. The simplicity of the TIK10 is a standout feature, allowing for easy use with any 510 threaded cartridge. After screwing on the cartridge, it's just five clicks on the fire button to turn on the device. Activating the preheat mode with two clicks enhances vapor density from the first draw and ensures thick oils and distillates are ready to vape without any delay.

One minor complaint I have is about the auto shutoff feature, which conserves battery life but requires multiple reactivations throughout the day. It would be beneficial if there was an option to disable this feature, although it's not a significant drawback.

The four voltage levels on the TIK10 offer versatility. The lower levels (2.7V and 3.2V) are perfect for milder sessions and flavor, while the higher settings (3.7V and 4.2V) deliver more intense effects and suit thicker concentrates. The range of power options allows you to customize your vaping experience and maximize the potential of your cartridges.

Lastly, the TIK10 incorporates safety features such as short circuit protection, over time protection (10s), and low power protection. These features provide peace of mind, particularly the over time protection when the button is accidentally pressed while the device is in your pocket.

Verdict For those in search of a new 510 battery, the TIK10 is a fantastic choice. Its compact size and versatile features make it suitable for various cartridges and users. The 15-second preheat mode ensures dense vapor from the first draw, and the four voltage levels cater to different preferences and intensity levels. I personally continue to use the TIK10 with my cartridges and highly recommend giving it a try.

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