Geek Bar Pulse X Disposable Vape Review

Geek Bar Pulse X Disposable Vape Review


The Geek Bar Pulse X is a groundbreaking addition to the disposable vape landscape, blending innovative design with enhanced functionality. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Geek Bar Pulse, the Pulse X not only meets expectations but surpasses them with new features that elevate user experience and performance. With cutting-edge elements like the world's first 3D curved screen and a potent dual-core processor, the Geek Bar Pulse X is set to redefine the standards for disposable devices.

Design and Innovation

Revolutionary 3D Curved Display

The standout feature of the Geek Bar Pulse X is its pioneering 3D curved screen, a design breakthrough in the vaping sphere. This visually striking display not only enhances the device's aesthetics but also improves user interactions, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. The screen provides clear and accessible information, enhancing overall usability.

Dual-Core Processor with VPU Technology

At the heart of the Geek Bar Pulse X lies a dual-core processor integrated with VPU (Vaping Processing Unit) technology. This advanced configuration ensures swift and efficient device operation, handling tasks with precision and speed. Whether navigating modes or monitoring battery status, the processor guarantees a smooth and responsive user journey.

Performance and Features

Flexible Vaping Modes

The Geek Bar Pulse X offers two distinct modes tailored to diverse vaping preferences:

Standard Mode: Engineered for extended vaping sessions, accommodating up to 25,000 puffs for endurance enthusiasts.

Pulse Mode: Delivers a heightened experience with intensified flavor and vapor production, catering to users seeking a dynamic vaping encounter. Enhanced Coil Technology and Rapid Charging System

Furnished with a dual mesh coil, the Geek Bar Pulse X ensures consistent flavor delivery and dense vapor production, ensuring each puff is satisfying. The rapid USB-C charging capability guarantees minimal downtime, keeping the device ready for uninterrupted use.

Flavor Selection

The Geek Bar Pulse X presents an array of 15 meticulously crafted flavors, each promising a unique and delightful taste journey. Noteworthy selections include:

Lime Berry Orange: A zesty blend of lime, berries, and orange for a vibrant flavor profile. Strawberry B-Pop: A nostalgic indulgence of creamy strawberry lollipop sweetness.

Watermelon Ice: A refreshing fusion of menthol and ripe watermelon for a cool vape.

Sour Apple Ice: Crisp green apple with a menthol twist, offering a sharp and refreshing finish.

Banana Taffy Freeze: Smooth banana with a creamy, cooling backdrop for a delightful vape.

Lemon Heads: A bold and tangy lemon candy flavor, balancing sweet and sour notes.

Blue Razz Ice: Classic blue raspberry with a chilly menthol exhale for a refreshing experience.

Sour Mango Pineapple: An exotic blend of tangy mango and pineapple with a sour twist.

Grapefruit Refresher: Fresh and tangy grapefruit harmoniously balanced for a light vape.

Miami Mint: Cool mint freshness reminiscent of Miami's coastal breeze.

These flavors cater to a diverse palate, from sweet and creamy to tangy and invigorating.


The Geek Bar Pulse X establishes a new standard in disposable vape technology with its innovative 3D curved screen, powerful dual-core processor, and versatile vaping options. The diverse flavor range ensures there is something for every taste preference, appealing to novices and seasoned vapers alike. Whether seeking simplicity or a rich vaping experience, the Geek Bar Pulse X delivers a sophisticated solution that blends style, performance, and convenience seamlessly.


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