Al Fakher Crown Bar Disposable Vape Range: Features, Flavors, and More

Al Fakher Crown Bar Disposable Vape Range: Features, Flavors, and More

In the realm of vaping, the device you choose significantly influences your overall experience. Al Fakher, renowned for its premium shisha tobacco, has introduced a line of disposable vape devices under the Crown Bar series. This range includes two standout models: the 15000 Puffs and the 8000 Puffs versions, each tailored to diverse vaping preferences. In this blog post, we will delve into the specifications and features of each model, offering a comprehensive comparison to assist you in selecting the ideal device for your vaping journey.

Selecting the right vape device is crucial for a fulfilling vaping experience, whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene. Al Fakher, known for its exceptional shisha flavors, has expanded its offerings to include two exceptional models in the Crown Bar series: the 8000 Puffs and 15000 Puffs devices. While catering to distinct needs, both models share a commitment to quality and performance. This review will delve into the features, specs, and user insights for these devices, highlighting the benefits of mesh coils and DTL vaping.

Al Fakher Crown Bar Disposable Vape | 8000 Puffs Specifications

E-Liquid Capacity: 18ml

Puff Count: Over 8000

Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)

Battery Capacity: Rechargeable 600mAh, USB Type-C (charger not included)

Operation: Draw-Activation

Coil Type: Mesh Coil

Resistance: 0.6Ω Ohms

Vaping Style: Direct to Lung (DTL)

Flavors: 21 Options Available

The Al Fakher Crown Bar 8000 Puffs disposable vape is engineered to deliver a robust and enjoyable vaping experience. With a rechargeable 600mAh battery and USB Type-C charging, convenience is at your fingertips, ensuring uninterrupted vaping sessions. The incorporation of a 0.6Ω mesh coil enhances flavor and vapor production, key elements of DTL vaping.

DTL Benefits: Direct to Lung vaping offers voluminous vapor production, appreciated by many users. The 8000 Puffs model facilitates this style with enhanced airflow and lower resistance, enabling a deep inhalation directly into the lungs, reminiscent of traditional smoking experiences but with intensified flavor.

User Reviews: Vapers praise the 8000 Puffs model for its consistent performance and rich flavor profiles, particularly attributing the mesh coil to flavor enhancement. Portability and easy charging are additional standout features garnering positive feedback. User feedback often emphasizes the practicality of the 8000 Puffs model, lauding its compact size and user-friendly design. It appeals to individuals seeking a reliable, pocket-friendly vape. While lacking a rechargeable battery, the device's puff count and vapor quality compensate for this limitation.

Al Fakher Crown Bar Disposable Vape | 15000 Puffs Specifications

E-Liquid Capacity: 22ml

Puff Count: Approximately 15,000

Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)

Battery Capacity: Rechargeable 650mAh, USB Type-C (charger not included)

Operation: Draw-Activation

Coil Type: Mesh Coil

Vaping Style: Direct to Lung (DTL)

Flavors: 20 Options Available

The 15000 Puffs Al Fakher Crown Bar Pro elevates the vaping experience with an extended battery capacity and larger e-liquid volume. Equipped with a mesh coil, this model ensures flavor integrity and voluminous vapor production over an extended lifespan.

The Al Fakher Crown Bar 15000 Puffs model stands out as a powerhouse among disposable vapes. With a substantial 22ml e-liquid capacity, it offers prolonged vaping sessions without frequent refills. The 5% nicotine strength caters to users seeking a robust hit to meet their cravings effectively.

A notable feature of Al Fakher Crown Bar 15000 Puffs is the rechargeable 650mAh battery supporting USB Type-C charging, ensuring continuous device operation. The impressive 15000 puff count surpasses standard disposable vapes, offering a cost-effective option for regular users. Designed with draw-activation firing, the device simplifies usage – just inhale, and it's ready to vape.

DTL Benefits: Ideal for users seeking deep inhalations and extensive vapor output, the DTL approach supported by this model delivers an intense vaping experience. Extended e-liquid capacity and a robust battery facilitate prolonged and satisfying vaping sessions without frequent recharges.

User Reviews: Users commend the durability and longevity of the 15000 Puffs device, with its capacity and lasting performance appealing to heavy users. The efficient mesh coil receives accolades for enhancing vapor and flavor quality. Vapers appreciate the 15000 Puffs model for its extended lifespan and robust flavor delivery. The rechargeable feature adds a layer of convenience rarely found in disposable vapes, enhancing its appeal. The high puff count is a recurring highlight, praised for its longevity before requiring replacement.

Comparison and Conclusion

The Al Fakher Crown Bar 8000 and 15000 Puffs disposable vape offer premium vaping experiences with shared qualities like nicotine strength, USB Type-C rechargeable batteries, and DTL vaping. The choice between them often hinges on personal preferences regarding size, puff count, and usage frequency. The compact 8000 Puffs model suits moderate users seeking portability, while the 15000 Puffs variant caters to heavy vapers with its larger capacity and extended battery life.

Both disposable vape uphold Al Fakher's commitment to quality and satisfaction, making them excellent options for vapers seeking an exceptional vaping experience. Whether opting for the 8000 or 15000 Puffs model, users can expect robust flavors, voluminous vapor, and overall satisfaction.


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