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Geek Bar Pulse X Review 25000 25k puff

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Among the top-selling products in the vaping realm, the innovative Geek Bar Pulse 25k has evolved to the next level with the irresistible new Geek Bar Pulse X 25000. Dive into the realm of flavors with the newly launched Geek Bar Pulse X, featuring enticing options like Blue Rancher and Sour Fcuking Fab, coupled with higher puff counts and the world's first curved display screen showcasing captivating animated graphics. Let's embark on the journey with the Geek Bar Pulse X 25k, available for immediate shipment from Vapz Vape Wholesale! May your vaping experience be filled with pulsating energy.

Activating Pulse Mode X

Upon laying eyes on the exquisitely crafted Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 disposable vape, users are immediately drawn to the innovative features integrated into this vaping marvel. The standout feature of this newly designed Geek Bar Pulse X Vape is the groundbreaking 3D curved display screen. With a broad mouthpiece, the Geek Bar 25k vape exudes a mesmerizing display of animated glowing Star Constellations on both ends of its curved screen with each puff.

The captivating new display treats vapers to shimmering stars that gradually fade away after exhaling their voluminous clouds. This dynamic side screen animation, reminiscent of its predecessor, the Geek Bar Pulse 15k, has been revamped on the new Geek Bar Pulse X vape.

With each puff, vapers witness a glowing ring, inside of which the new brand symbol "X" illuminates brightly, creating a visual spectacle akin to a work of art. This captivating sight unfolds when engaging the device's high-powered setting, Pulse Mode.

Exploring the Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 boasts an innovative side display screen that provides vapers with real-time updates on battery status and prefilled oil capacity, courtesy of its enhanced VPU.

The Video Processing Unit nestled within the sleek Geek Bar Pulse X vape ensures users are informed promptly when it's time to recharge the battery. Boasting a stylish design, this vape device exudes a mass appeal with its sophisticated metallic finish, contrasting the curved screen.

The device's chic design exudes high-quality vibes, transforming it into a true masterpiece that captures attention as vapers indulge in a night out.

Experience extended E-juice sessions with the high puff count Geek Bar X Pulse, offering a substantial 25000 hits of pure bliss for vapers relishing prolonged vaping sessions. Vaping enthusiasts can savor a maximum puff count of 25k in Regular Mode with a simple toggle switch underneath the Geek Bar Pulse X. For those eager to vape like pros, a quick toggle adjustment unleashes the upgraded Pulse Mode, offering a remarkable 15000 vape hits of voluminous clouds. Delight in cloud chasing all day and night in the grandiose Pulse Mode, tailored for vapers who revel in showcasing cloud tricks like blowing rings, ghost inhales, the waterfall, and smoke tornadoes, among others.

Join us at Vapz Vape Wholesale for a sit-down with the Pulse X In our pursuit to keep our loyal B2B customers and vaping aficionados informed, Vapz Vape Wholesale presents an insightful look into the upgraded Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vape. Let's delve into the essence of one of the most successful vape brands in the universe and uncover the essence of the new Geek Bar X Pulse vape, exploring its attributes and performance.

The Geek Bar Pulse X offers a tantalizing selection of 15 flavors crafted from delectable fruits and candies. The renowned Geek Bar lab has gone all out in crafting delicious vape oil blends that embody the essence of Geek Bar flavors. The signature uniqueness of Geek Bar flavor names returns, derived from the Geek Bar Pulse 15k flavors. Explore some of the standout flavors that our vape testers have savored, delivering exceptional taste experiences.

Sour Fcuking Fab - A delightful fusion of sour candy beans and tropical fruits, a must-try for all Fcuking fans. Sweeter than the classic Geek Bar Pulse flavor, Fcuking Fab offers a captivating blend of sour and sweet notes, making it a favored choice for Geek enthusiasts to indulge in on Pulse Mode.

Blue Rancher - A velvety candy flavor that our testers couldn't get enough of. The enticing blend of Blueberry Jolly Rancher with a cooling effect, balanced with sweet and sour notes, creates an experience reminiscent of enjoying a real Jolly Rancher candy snack. The sweet candy vibes of Blue Rancher promise to be the next big hit for the Pulse X vape.

Strawberry B-Pop - Step into a carnival atmosphere with this delightful cotton candy flavor infused with the essence of a strawberry lollipop aroma. A new addition to the B-Pop lineup, this candy aroma has gained immense popularity from the Geek Bar Pulse 15k. Prepare for an explosion of sweetness with the Strawberry B-Pop, a flavor that fruit enthusiasts will keep coming back for until it's gone. Rest assured, Vapz Vape Wholesale always restocks all Geek Bar Pulse X flavors for our valued vape shop customers.

Orange Fcuking Fab - Embrace the trendsetting orange flavor that's captivating Fcuking fans worldwide. Combining the delightful orange fruit with sweet candy treats, this Fcuking fabulous blend offers citrus fruit aficionados a galaxy of Geek vape delight.

Unveiling the New Screen of Geek Bar Pulse X

Immerse yourself in the captivating display screen of the new Geek Bar Pulse X that will leave you in awe. The world's first 3D curved display screen sets the Geek Bar X apart from other vapes, offering a mesmerizing visual experience. Delight in a starlit sky in the palm of your hands as you puff on the Geek Bar X, with animated star constellations and real-time battery and vape oil status updates. Witness the brilliant glow of the new logo symbol "X" within an animated sphere as you enjoy your vaping session.

How Long Does the Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Last?

Rest assured, the Geek Bar Pulse X vape promises an extended journey with a whopping 25000 puffs in Regular Mode. Additionally, with the popular Pulse Mode, vapers can enjoy a generous 15000 puff count, ensuring a cloud-chasing experience without the need for frequent refills. Embrace cloud chasing fearlessly and revel in over a week of joy with the Pulse Mode, perfect for vapers seeking to showcase cloud tricks like blowing rings, ghost inhales, the waterfall, and smoke tornadoes.

Distinguishing the Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 from the Geek Bar Pulse 15000

The revolutionary Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vape introduces significant upgrades that elevate the vaping experience beyond expectations. Vapers can anticipate additional puff sessions lasting several days longer than the classic Geek Bar Pulse 15k, marking a substantial advancement in the realm of puff counts. Furthermore, the Geek Bar Pulse X unveils a new disposable pod design boasting a stunning metallic finish, distinct from the glossy look of the Pulse 15k vape. Noteworthy enhancements in the Geek Bar X 25000 include a slightly bulkier profile due to a larger prefilled vape oil capacity, new VPU technology, an upgraded dual mesh coil, and the captivating 3D curved animated display. This new Geek creation demands attention and stands as a testament to innovation in the vaping world.

The Final Verdict

As we conclude our exploration of the galactic Geek Bar Pulse X 25k, we invite all vaping enthusiasts to delve into the exciting features and performance of this cutting-edge vape. Witness the rise of Geek vape and the industry revolution sparked by the Geek Bar Pulse, now transcended by the unveiling of the enhanced masterpiece, the Geek Bar Pulse X.

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Geek Bar Pulse X Disposable Vape Review
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