Vape can show heart rate and blood oxygen on screen? Hitting the Vaper Expo UK

vape shows heart rate and blood oxygen on screen
On May 10th, Vaper Expo UK opened at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England, presenting a large number of innovative e-cigarette products, attracting the attention of many exhibitors. Two supreme noted that the brand has launched the electronic cigarette with "heart rate and blood oxygen function".
vape shows heart rate and blood oxygen on screen

E-cigarette brand Barong is showing an e-cigarette with a display that resembles the Apple Watch on the front. The product supports type c charging and has the slogan "HEART RATE & BLOOD OXYGEN FUNCTION". Such a function is not common in traditional e-cigarette products, and is usually more common in health or sports tracking devices, such as the Apple Watch.
vape shows heart rate and blood oxygen on screen

VAPZ learned from its official website that the product has not yet been officially launched, and the specific parameter information is still unknown, but from the distribution of Barong's product types, its main focus is still on the tobacco oil business.


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