Discovering Gold Bars: A Classy Twist in Disposable Vapes

Discovering Gold Bars: A Classy Twist in Disposable Vapes

Breaking away from the vibrant plastic disposable vape trend, Gold Bars promise a touch of sophistication and elegance. Dive into our review to uncover whether these vapes meet expectations...

The enigmatic brand Vape Gold introduces the Gold Bar disposable range, shrouded in mystery. Speculated to originate from the UAE, their recent vape line launch has captured the curiosity of UK vapers seeking the next standout disposable option.

While details about Vape Gold remain elusive, the Gold Bar range is legally available for purchase in the UK, prompting a closer examination to assess its standing among other disposable vape offerings.

The Device

Upon unboxing, the Gold Bar exudes a sense of refinement and distinction, inspired by the opulence of gold bars. The packaging, resembling bullion bars, boasts angular aesthetics with a satin gold sleeve housing the main box. Internally, the ingot-style packaging includes essential safety information, ingredients, and a QR code for authenticity verification. Sporting a black and gold color palette with subtle hints of color denoting flavor, the packaging stands out for its elegance.

The Gold Bar itself takes the form of a cuboid pen-style device featuring a brushed metal texture and a satin gold finish. Contrasting elements of black glossy mouthpiece and base, along with intricate branding details, exude a sense of craftsmanship and luxury. The device feels substantial and well-crafted in hand.

Across the flavor range, the brushed gold aesthetic remains consistent, steering clear of the typical bright plastic finishes. Embracing a more mature and sophisticated theme, Vape Gold elevates the appearance of the Gold Bar range.


During testing, the Gold Bars revealed a tighter draw compared to other devices, offering a preference for some users. Initial puffs may appear intense but gradually transition to a balanced taste and vapor production with continued use.

The 12 flavors, including options like Strawberry Parfait, Peach Pear, and Oasis, showcase thoughtful and tasteful selections akin to the Gold Bar's visual appeal. While the flavors are discernible, some may find them slightly sweet, with exceptions like the overly sweet spearmint variant.

While the Banana Ice flavor pleasantly surprised with its unique profile, overall taste experiences could have been refined. Comparatively, against competitors like Dragbar with highly realistic flavor profiles, the Gold Bars may fall short in taste complexity.

Stylistically, Gold Bars present a stark contrast to competitor offerings from Elf, Geek, and Voopoo. While competitors opt for bold colors and flashy packaging, Gold Bars exude understated elegance, departing from the typical disposable vape appearance.


From a performance standpoint, Gold Bars demonstrated longevity with a single bar lasting well over a day with heavy usage. Consistent performance and minimal flavor degradation over time were notable. Despite the battery depletion before e-liquid exhaustion, dry hits were avoided, ensuring a smooth vaping experience throughout.

Compared to alternatives in the market, such as Altisc NOTUS 600, Gold Bars stand out for their performance and aesthetics. Altisc offers a premium recycled wood design at a higher price point, making Gold Bars a more affordable yet stylish option.

In conclusion, Gold Bars offer a sophisticated alternative in the disposable vape landscape, appealing to adult vapers seeking refinement and subtlety in their vaping experience.


Gold Bar Disposable Vape
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