OLIT Hookahlit 40000 Review: Is the Puff Count Accurate?

OLIT Hookahlit 40000 Review: Is the Puff Count Accurate?

The vaping landscape has witnessed a remarkable evolution in puff counts, with 15000 Puffs once considered high for most enthusiasts. Vapers used to scrutinize the remaining puffs in disposable vapes to verify the manufacturer's puff count accuracy.

Yet, the puff count trajectory has surged, with claims of disposable vapes offering over 25000 puffs. Speculations arise about the potential puff counts of future disposable vapes - could we see 30K or even 40K? Enter Olit Hookalit 40000, the world's first 40K disposable vape. This Olit Hookalit Review aims to shed light on the viability of a disposable kit boasting such a substantial puff count.

  1. E-liquid & Battery E-liquid volume plays a pivotal role in determining puff count. Olit Hookalit accommodates 40ml of vape juice, nearly double the capacity of standard disposable vapes. Notably, the nicotine strength in Olit Hookalit stands at 0.35%, lower compared to other brands. The device houses a robust 1300mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring prolonged usage without compromising portability.

  2. Display Screen and Type-C Charging Olit features a conventional digital display showcasing battery status and liquid levels symbolized by a waterdrop icon. The inclusion of Type-C charging offers universal compatibility, albeit requiring longer charging durations due to the device's enhanced power capacity.

  3. Performance and Functions Equipped with a single Lit Mesh Coil, Olit delivers a superior vaping experience, particularly for smooth MTL vaping. Dual mesh coils, commonly found in disposable vapes, enable precise output adjustments and ensure continued functionality even if one coil malfunctions.

  4. Puff Count Integrity Olit Hookalit's standout feature lies in its impressive puff count. While higher puff counts are appealing, the actual nicotine impact per puff varies. The device's ample e-liquid reservoir supports over 25k flavorful puffs, with a potential decrease in puff count to approximately 12k in boost mode.

In essence, Olit Hookalit offers an intriguing disposable vape experience. The combination of high puff counts and MTL vaping capabilities has stirred the industry, showcasing innovation in disposable vape technology.


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