How to Use Boost Mode on Disposable Vapes?

How to Use Boost Mode on Disposable Vapes?

Tired of the same old disposable vapes with bland flavors and unexciting designs? The realm of disposable vapes may appear lackluster to new vapers, leading them to explore more complex pod systems and vape kits. Learning about vaping takes time, and even the top pod systems can be daunting for beginners. So, where can you find the perfect balance of flavors, vapor production, and convenience? Look no further than our innovative Boosted disposable vapes, designed to cater to all your vaping desires.

  1. Unveiling Boost Mode in Disposable Vapes Boost Mode, Turbo Mode, or Pulse Mode – regardless of the name, these features allow vapers to enhance their device's output and airflow, resulting in intensified flavors, nicotine delivery, and dense clouds. Our Boosted disposable vapes feature screens displaying essential data such as battery life, e-juice levels, and Boost Mode information.

  2. The Science Behind Boosted Disposable Vapes The key to our Boosted disposable vapes lies in their dual mesh coils, elevating vapor production by simultaneously vaporizing more e-juice. Enhanced airflow adjustments further enhance flavor consistency and nicotine delivery, ensuring a satisfying vape experience. Equipped with screens, these Boosted vapes provide clear insights into e-juice levels, battery status, and output power.

  3. Discover the Best Boosted Disposable Vapes If you seek innovative disposable vapes with advanced features or desire a change from traditional kits, explore our collection for the latest Boosted disposable vapes. Here are a few standout options:

(1) Geek Bar Pulse 15000: Offering enhanced airflow and 20W output power, the Pulse 15000 delivers dense vapor and rich flavor. With up to 7,500 puffs in Pulse Mode, this device features a full screen for comprehensive information display.

(2) KEYSTONE Gozila 20000: A successor to the Geek Bar Pulse, the Gozila 20000 boasts a large 1.77-inch display for monitoring coil resistance, battery status, e-juice levels, and output power. Airflow adjustments are conveniently managed via bottom valves.

(3) Lost Mary MT15000: This offering from Lost Mary features a screen displaying power and juice status across different modes. With a 3-level airflow adjustment, users can enjoy up to 10,000 puffs in Turbo mode.

(4) VAPMOD ARCHER 12000: Activated by a touch-sensitive button, the ARCHER 12000 provides a seamless user experience. The boost mode activation process ensures safety and ease of use.

(5) NESBES B10000: Featuring a numeric display for battery life and e-juice level, the B10000 offers two vaping modes for customized experiences. With a leather grip and flavorful vapor production, this device combines performance with user-friendly design.

(6) Old School Turbo 22000: With a 22ml pre-filled vape juice capacity, a rechargeable battery, and APOP dual mesh coil technology, the Turbo 22000 provides around 22,000 puffs. Switch between S and D modes for tailored vaping experiences, all displayed on a screen for easy monitoring.

In Conclusion

Embrace the evolving world of vaping with a diverse array of options and functionalities at your disposal. While the variety of functions and terminology may seem overwhelming, the essence of vaping lies in the enjoyment and experience. Embrace the boost in your vaping journey and look forward to our next update.


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