How to Use Boost Mode on a Geek Bar Pulse? Complete Guide To Geek Bar Pulse Vape

How to Use Boost Mode on a Geek Bar Pulse? Complete Guide To Geek Bar Pulse Vape

The Geek Bar Pulse stands out as a vibrant disposable vape featuring a futuristic, space-age design reminiscent of a capsule. The vivid exterior hues reflect the flavors and are crafted from durable, glossy plastic. Behind the transparent panel, the screen illuminates with captivating "cosmic-style animations" based on your vaping mode. While the toy-like appearance may not appeal to everyone, the inability to deactivate the screen lights is a minor drawback. Nonetheless, Geek Bar Vape effectively captures the desired aesthetic.

The device's structure resembles a rounded box mod, featuring a unique "bite-friendly" mouthpiece offset from the center. Unlike typical rubber mouthpieces, the hard rubber material of the mouthpiece exudes quality without feeling cheap or porous. Although slightly thicker than preferred (personally favoring flatter duck-bill style mouthpieces), it seamlessly complements the design and offers a comfortable vaping experience.

Overall, the Geek Bar Pulse boasts a comfortable grip, fitting snugly in the palm or pocket with dimensions of approximately 52.6mm x 27.7mm x 82.6mm, weighing similar to standard 650mAh disposables. The glossy finish provides a tactile grip, accentuated by raised lines in the artwork. While I appreciate the device's ergonomics, I find the tactile experience more appealing than the visual aesthetics.

Unveiling the Origins of Geek Bar

Established in 2015, GEEK BAR is renowned for its disposable vape devices tailored for discerning adult vapers seeking a smarter vaping experience. As disposable options gain popularity among adult vapers for their convenience and satisfaction, GEEK BAR aims to offer exceptional taste, ease of use, and pocket-friendly vapes unrivaled by competitors.

As a company, GEEK BAR sees an opportunity and a responsibility to create a brighter future for customers, employees, and stakeholders. They encourage users to explore their range of sophisticated vapes, including the innovative GEEK BAR, promising delightful flavors in a variety of refreshing combinations and colors. Whether selecting a flavor or color, GEEK BAR ensures a personalized vaping experience tailored to individual preferences.

With delightful flavors, voluminous clouds, user-friendly design, safe-shell material, and potent salt nicotine, GEEK BAR empowers users to elevate their vaping experience with enhanced options and versatility.

How to Activate the Geek Bar Pulse Vape?

Activating the Geek Bar Pulse Vape is a straightforward process, akin to using any other disposable vape, with a slight variation at the bottom of the device. A small switch transitions the gadget from the off position to standard mode and then to pulse mode. Simply slide it over, and it will securely click into place.

For easy mode identification, pulse mode is distinguished by a rocket symbol and a red light tracing the screen's edges upon inhalation. In contrast, standard mode features a dashed circle at the screen's center with a green light encircling the outer edge.

Although lacking traditional airflow control, each vaping mode incorporates its airflow settings within the switch. Standard mode offers a loose MTL draw, while pulse mode provides a restricted lung hit achievable through inhalation.

As mentioned earlier, each mode impacts battery life and puff count differently. Pulse mode delivers around 20 watts and 7500 puffs, whereas standard mode offers a puff count of approximately 15000. While pulse mode provides an intense vaping experience, it may deplete the battery quickly. For prolonged device longevity, it is advisable to limit extended use in pulse mode.

Exploring Geek Bar Pulse Flavors

Geek Bar Pulse Blow Pop

Inspired by the delightful complexity of chewy treats, Geek Bar Pulse Blow Pop encapsulates sugary flavor profiles in each puff. Indulge in rich pineapple, creamy banana, zesty citrus, and luscious strawberry notes reminiscent of bubble-generating candies.

Geek Bar Pulse Fcuking FAB

Despite its unconventional name, Geek Bar Pulse Fcuking FAB offers a tantalizing blend of tropical fruits and confectionery flavors. The vibrant essence of the flavors is accentuated in pulse mode, elevating the vaping experience.

Geek Bar Pulse California Cherry

Savor the tart essence of cherry with Geek Bar Pulse California Cherry. This vape harmoniously combines the intense sweetness of cherry with authentic cherry flavors, delivering a well-rounded vaping sensation.

Geek Bar Pulse Strawberry Banana

Combining creamy banana and succulent strawberries, Geek Bar's Strawberry Banana vape flavor is enhanced by a pulse setting for a robust puff and a sleek LED screen. Quick, warm, and smooth, this flavor experience is a delight for the senses.

Geek Bar Pulse Miami Mint

Geek Bar Pulse Miami Mint offers a classic minty experience, enticing taste buds with a blend of spearmint and wintergreen flavors, creating a refreshing vaping experience.


Upon thorough evaluation, it is evident that the Geek Bar Pulse's stellar reviews are well-deserved. This disposable vape excels in taste, functionality, and overall vaping quality. While there is much to admire about these devices, the toy-like appearance may not appeal to all users. However, the exceptional performance and functionality of the Geek Bar Pulse make it a compelling choice in the disposable vape market.

Indeed, Geek Bar Pulse boasts unparalleled flavor among disposable e-cigarette sticks on the market. Each puff delivers a satisfying throat impact and profound enjoyment akin to savoring your morning cup of coffee.


How to Use Boost Mode on a Disposable Vape? A Guide to Geek Bar.
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