How Geek Bar Earn It's Popularity in US Market? A Brief Breakdown.

How Geek Bar Earn It's Popularity in US Market? A Brief Breakdown.

Due to the special situation of the U.S. market, the caliber of the so-called media statistics is mostly untimely or distorted. For example, the most common Nielsen convenience store data, Vuse first, Juul second pattern has been going on for a long time, but in the real consumer side of the share is actually very small.

What is the strongest product in the US market in recent months? After combing through the US social platforms, Vapz found that in the last half year, it would be GeekBar Pulse.

In a U.S. forum dedicated to one-offs, a post titled "What's your opinion on Geek Bar Pulse?" Underneath the post, a consumer said two days ago, "You can search this section and 95% of them are talking about Geek Bars," and a user who works in an e-cigarette store said that the Geek Bar Pulse is the best-selling product in their store:

Another post from three months ago was even more direct, titled "I didn't know the GeekBar Pulse was so popular," and followed by as many as 53 replies. The original author stated "I recently bought a black cherry flavored GeekBar Pulse and started browsing this subforum and noticed that most of the popular posts mentioned GeekBar."

The GeekBar Pulse is a disposable product from GEEKVAPE. Featuring a screen that displays the remaining number of ports of charge, the screen displays a space-themed animation when in use. The fill volume is 16ml and it supports two vaping modes, regular and pulse, with the regular mode allowing for 15,000 puffs and the pulse being a 20W high power mode that supports 7,500 puffs:

Why GeekBar Pulse can fire into a top stream in the United States, Vapz after some combing found that there are several reasons:

First, GeekBar Pulse life and quality is recognized, American consumers say that the regular mode can be used for a month, is "used the most durable electronic cigarette"; smoke oil will not paste the core before running out, and even zero oil can still be used, some people also inject their own oil to continue to use:

Even under a posting complaining about the quality of GeekBar Pulse, an e-cigarette store owner, and an e-cigarette store clerk's reply has also received dozens of support, they said that the sale of GeekBar Pulse has not been a complaint:

The father of one e-cigarette store owner also showed up to say that he often buys to experience different products, and that the GeekBar Pulse has always been the best product he's ever used without any problems:

Second, ELFBAR's sales chain in the United States has suffered a setback. A U.S. e-cigarette retailer said that because ELFBAR (EB) products have been intercepted by Customs, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new ELFBARs to enter the U.S., and many of the ELFBARs on sale are inventory products:

Another practitioner also revealed that due to the trademark dispute, a U.S. company called VPR is also producing ELFBAR, but this is a completely different thing from ELFBAR, causing ELFBAR's reputation to suffer.

Some consumers have also pointed out that the U.S. government's attempt to ban ELFBAR has made it difficult to find new, authentic ELFABRs today:

The popularity of the GeekBar Pulse in the U.S. market has also led to the 15,000 port + screen display + dual vaping model, which seems to be the sales code in the U.S. market.


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