Comparing VOOPOO Drag X2 and Drag S2 Pod Mods

Comparing VOOPOO Drag X2 and Drag S2 Pod Mods

VOOPOO has unveiled its latest offerings, the Drag X2 and Drag S2 pod mod kits, which have quickly gained popularity among vapers. While both kits share similarities, they also exhibit unique features that set them apart. Today, we will delve into a comparison to determine the standout performer or the ideal choice under specific conditions.

  1. Shared Features (1) Vape Juice Capacity: Both the Drag X2 and Drag S2 boast a generous 5ml vape juice capacity, eliminating the need for frequent refills. Equipped with the innovative PnP X Pod Cartridge, these kits ensure efficient juice heating and storage without leakage concerns.

(2) Material: Constructed with zinc alloy, PCTG, and leather, these kits offer durability and style. The transparent PCTG pod cartridges allow easy monitoring of e-juice levels, while the leather grip adds comfort and aesthetic appeal to the sleek design.

(3) Heating Element: Featuring the latest PnP X coils, both kits deliver extended coil lifespan and leak-proof performance, ensuring a reliable vaping experience with minimal maintenance.

(4) Various Vaping Modes: Both the S2 and X2 support Smart, RBA, and ECO modes, catering to diverse vaping preferences. Smart Mode is ideal for beginners, RBA Mode allows customizable power output, and ECO Mode enhances battery efficiency by 10%.

  1. Key Differences (1) Output Range: While the Drag S2 and Drag X2 share a minimum output of 5W, the X2 boasts a higher maximum output of 80W, catering to cloud chasers and enthusiasts seeking intense vapor production.

(2) Battery Type: The Drag S2 features a built-in 2500mAh battery for convenient usage, while the X2 offers compatibility with 18650 batteries, providing flexibility for users requiring extended battery life.

(3) Vaping Styles: The Drag X2 emphasizes Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping, whereas the Drag S2 supports both Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and DTL vaping styles, offering versatility to accommodate varying preferences.

(4) Recommended E-juice: For optimal vaping experiences, different PG-VG ratios are recommended based on vaping styles. Whether enjoying MTL or DTL vaping, selecting e-juices with appropriate ratios enhances flavor delivery and vapor production.

In Conclusion VOOPOO's Drag X2 and Drag S2 exemplify high-quality pod mod kits with distinct features tailored to diverse vaping preferences. Discovering the ideal kit and e-juice that align with your vaping style and preferences ensures a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience. Stay tuned for more vaping updates and recommendations.


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