Nicotine Pouches FAQ

Nicotine Pouches FAQ

Nicotine Pouches FAQ

We have put together this FAQ after going through all the recent threads here and the many questions asked. We hope this helps!

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are products that are free from tobacco, but contain nicotine. Most nicotine pouches are made from plant fiber or cellulose, and have nicotine added.

How do I use nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are used in the upper lip. Take a nicotine pouch out of the can and place it under your upper lip and enjoy!

Can you swallow your saliva with nicotine pouches?

Yes, your saliva is safe to swallow with nicotine pouches. You do not have to spit with these.

Are nicotine pouches snus?

No, nicotine pouches are not the same thing as snus. Snus contains tobacco. Nicotine pouches do not. They are not the same product.

How long should I leave a nicotine pouch in?

Generally, you can leave them in for as long as you want. There's no limit to how long you can enjoy a nicotine pouch. Many nicotine pouches have flavor longevity that extends to almost the hour mark.

What strength should I use?

Professionals and reputable manufacturers in the industry have widely considered a good "stopping point" to be the 26mg/g mark. Obviously, you can use whichever strength you prefer. But it is generally advised to not go too high because you can destroy your nicotine tolerance.

What's the little compartment in the lid of some nicotine pouch products?

This is called a “catch lid”, and is used to discard of your used portions when you aren’t near a trash can.

I'm in the US but want more variety, what can I do?

In the US, all you can find is the mini/dry pouches, and a small selection of the slim/moist pouches. If you want variety, you'll need to order online, check out this list.

I'm in the Canada, where can I order online?

In March of 2024, Canadian members of this sub voted, by a large majority, to not share website links here for stores shipping in/to Canada. This was done to avoid stores getting shut down.

I'm in the US how do I get the Swedish Zyns?

You'll have to order this online. Please consult with this list, which allows you to order Swedish Zyns to the US.

Shipping Questions: Europe to US

  • Why is shipping so expensive? This is something the e-stores cannot avoid. This is due to the PACT Act and requires nicotine products to be shipped via a carrier that verifies age (UPS). The stores have no control over this. There is no way around this or to avoid it.

  • Are there import fees? - Most reputable stores shipping to the UPS ship DDP. This means the stores cover it. If you get a brokerage fee bill from UPS, contact the store and they usually take care of it.

  • How long will it take me to get my package? It could be 8-15 days. It could be two weeks. It could be a month. This just depends on UPS. The store has no control over this.

  • Why is my delivery taking so long? This is up to UPS, the stores have no control over this. Once it is out of their hands, it is up to UPS to get it to you.

  • Warehouse scan? Location scan? What is this? This is normal. It's just UPS doing inventory.

  • Customs clearance? What is this? Why is it taking so long? This is normal. It happens on every order. The stores have no control over this. It is a UPS thing.

  • Do I have to sign for my deliveries? The PACT Act requires age verification on delivery to ensure consumers are 21 or older when they receive their package. This is US law and not up to the stores.

How do I store nicotine pouches?

Generally, if you store nicotine products in cold storage, this will extend them past their "best before" date. The general rule of thumb is if you'll use it by the expiration date, refrigerate it. If you won't use it by the expiration date, freeze it. In the freezer, using vacuum sealing helps products last even longer, if you choose to do so.



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