Aroma King ELITE 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape Wholesale

Цена по акции$2.94 USD

Flavor: Apple Blueberry Raspberry
PUFF: 9000

Minimum Order Quantity:5000

Product Information:

  • Impressive 9000 Puffs: With an astonishing capacity of 9000 puffs, the Bugatti Elite ensures extended usage, providing an unrivaled vaping experience.

  • Potent 5% Nicotine Strength: Experience a satisfying and smooth hit with our premium 5% nicotine strength, delivering the perfect balance of flavor and satisfaction.

  • Generous 15ml E-liquid Capacity: Minimize the need for frequent refills with the Bugatti Elite's substantial 15ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring lasting enjoyment.

  • High-Performance 600mAh Battery: The integrated 600mAh battery guarantees consistent power, allowing for uninterrupted sessions and reliable performance.

  • Advanced Mesh Coil Technology: Enjoy enhanced flavor and vapor production thanks to the included mesh coil, which maximizes the efficiency of each puff.

  • LCD Display Screen: Stay informed about your vaping status with the clear and intuitive LCD display screen, providing crucial information at a glance.

  • Innovative Patented Technology: The Bugatti Elite boasts cutting-edge patented technology, ensuring a unique and exceptional vaping experience.

  • Precise 1.2 Ohm Coil Resistance: The precisely calibrated 1.2 ohm coil resistance optimizes performance, delivering a consistently smooth and satisfying draw.

  • Fast and Convenient Type-C Charging: Recharge your Bugatti Elite swiftly and effortlessly with the inclusion of a Type-C charging port, reducing downtime and ensuring you're always ready to vape.